Tickle Me Tuesday: A Batmeme for Your Frowns

Hello, everyone! It looks like I’ll be playing the Joker for today and sharing some Batmemes to chase away the early week blues. I hope to keep coming back each week to do this for all of you. Enjoy, and let us know you care in the comments below!

linked image

This isn’t a car.


linked image

The Dark Knight Surprises.

Images from geeksdoingstuff.com

Tickle Me Tuesday: Rainbows

I love a rip-roaring, make me snort joke.

Unfortunately, my funny bone is hiding or something.

So, you guys, make me laugh. Anyone have a funny joke or photo to share?


How rainbows are made.

*Image found floating around the internets. It made me giggle, so claim it if it’s yours. I’ll properly credit it.