Review | March Blue Spider’s Attic Book Subscription Box

Guys, I don’t get to step into the blogging space as often as I would like, but here I am making a flash appearance to share a recent review of our March Attic Box that I accidentally stumbled upon. Thanks to Agnes for including us in her subscription box project and for being real about tje books and goodies found inside the boxes. Be sure to check out the other reviews for some nifty sub boxes and tons of books! Enjoy the read!

Things I'm Glad Are Things

If you’ve been following along on my previous reviews of Blue Spider’s Attic, then you know I was overdue for some books I actually like from this box. Thankfully, that’s just what happened this month!

The curator describes Blue Spider’s Attic as, “The magic of a used book store, delivered.” Except it’s actually even better because also, coffee! There are two different boxes available. First is The Attic Box by Blue Spider Press, which includes three second-hand books, a small package of coffee or tea, and several bookish items. This is just $21.99+ shipping if you buy a single box, though I paid $105.99+ shipping for a 6-month subscription, which is about $17.60 per month.

There’s also the Blue Spider’s Basic box, which comes with two books, a sample of coffee and tea, and no bookish extras. It starts at $13.99 per month, though it looks like there are…

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