Thoughtful Thursday: Material Things


My son recently had a birthday. He’s officially at a stage where I toe the line between being awesome and being a total bane. Sometimes the harder I try, the more estranged he gets. This is parenting. It welcomes with open arms and stabs you in the back.

I presented my growing boy with a kindle fire as a gift this birthday. I’m happy to report that he loves the gift. A thank you is always preferred over a set of eyes rolled so far to the back of the head that only the whites show, so I felt pretty proud of myself.

Last night, however, the boy dropped the kindle. It was more of a horrific, slow motion fumble like they replay during the big game. Of course the screen is now spiderwebbed. At only a week old.

I grew up in a low income family who didn’t have much. I valued everything I had, and I still do. As a parent, I want nothing more than to give my children things and opportunities that I didn’t have growing up. Only, there have to be limitations in place. To my son, the kindle was like receiving a new laptop. And it felt that way to my wallet when I bought it.

But now it’s broken. He’s upset, I’m upset. It’s something new and fancy and you don’t take care of anything!

I’m not replacing it. I’m not repairing it. I’m disappointed at the way in which the accident occurred. Better choices and more thought would have prevented it.

So, now, I’m contemplating what I feel is an utter lack of regard for how hard I work to provide things for my children. I can’t help it. And I don’t want to spend another cent on electronic things that will end up in the trash. But in a material and increasingly electronic world, how do we, as parents, monitor these things? How do we regulate them?

I see kids younger than my son who have iPhones, and I can’t imagine spending that kind of money on something that will probably lead to more trouble than anything else.

So, parents, can you relate? What limitations have you set? Or do you provide all the hottest new electronic gadgets your little darlings desire?

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2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Material Things

  1. My kids, as they got older, saved up to contribute at least half the cost of electronic gadgets. That seemed to help preserve the life of the pesky things! I mean the gadgets, not the kids 🙂 And there were a few years there where their brains and bodies weren’t quite in synch (especially the two more sensitive, creative ones) They dropped and lost everything, but it passed, eventually. Meanwhile, I sympathise!


    • That’s a great idea to have the kids save up half. I’ve decided to investigate getting the kindle fixed, but my son will have to pay for it. Sigh. Parenthood. Why didn’t I listen to the warnings when I was younger? :p


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