Time to Write


Time to Write

I like to think that one day, when my children are grown and making their transition into adulthood and the real world, I’ll not only have time to write, but I’ll make time to write.

While some people can juggle being a single mom with a full-time job, countless daily chores that begin as soon as the work day is over, AND a fruitful, satisfying writing schedule, I’m not one of those people. If I can get the kids to school with clean clothes on and homework done, I consider that a job well done. If there’s food to cook and clean dishes to eat from, well, that’s a good day.

More often than not, when I do scratch out a moment in which to write, I spend the majority of the time thinking that I should be doing something else. Or my mind is blank as to what to write about.

One day, though, I’ll make time to write. But today’s not that day.


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