Thoughtful Thursday: Enjoy the Present, Embrace the Past

I’ve often wondered if, given the opportunity, would I want to see what the future holds. Much like those philosophical discussions concerning the past– those moments when we really question whether we would want to change the events of our past– it seems a tricky business to glimpse the future.

If something glorious lies ahead, we think we’d want to know. That would certainly give us something to look forward to. But how would that knowledge taint the present? If we constantly look forward, striving toward what we think we want, would we really enjoy the present moments? The midnight giggles and the dusky walks among a field of tickling grasses, those quiet moments even every thought is introspective and it seems we’ve figured out who we are and what we’re about. These are moments meant to be cherished, for without them, any future events will lack those memories and experiences.

But the same goes for having the knowledge that something unpleasant lies ahead. Small pleasures suddenly lose all flavor in the face of worrying about future heartbreak or financial woes or worse.

So I say, worry less about what may happen in the future. Enjoy the now. Be mindful of the future, sure, but what will happen will happen and, most times, we are powerless to stop it. The future is shaped by the past and the present. Choose to enjoy the present and embrace the past because we mold our future every single day.


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