Messy Monday: Evil Snowman

Oh, no! It’s Evil Snowman!

Evil Snowman may eat your children.

Evil Snowman may eat your children.

In honor of those who like to celebrate Christmas in July, I’d like to share the story of how Evil Snowman came to be.

Picture it: Christmas, 2013. My daughter and I are bored one afternoon, so we decide to make Christmas ornaments. I’d already completed the dutiful gathering of craft supplies, a hodge podge of items that didn’t look like they’d amount to much in the packages. But, oh, we didn’t know then that we possessed an arsenal with which to craft Evil Snowman.

Here’s what you need to make your own minion of snowy evilness:

Styro-balls (I purchased mine from Dollar Tree)

Wire (coated works best; any color you choose)

Paint Markers (or Sharpies)

Construction paper (for the top hat)

Foil snowflakes (for the scarf of death)

Toothpicks, painted (for the arms)

In my mind, we would end up with a cute little Frosty-type snowman who could hang from our tree and bring fresh Christmas cheer to the sad and dilapidated ornaments that we’ve been packing and unpacking for a decade. But, friends, let me tell you, when you give a child a paint marker with which to make a face, there’s something about their innocence that brings out the evil in the project they’re working on. Two dots for eyes, I said. A dot for a nose. A mouth.

He hangs, waiting. The reindeer won't come near.

He hangs, waiting. The reindeer won’t come near.

And so, Evil Snowman was born. He’s guarded by a toy soldier, but the soldier is wise to fear him.

Have you made your own dastardly ornaments? Please share. Evil Snowman has few friends and would love a new victim…er, playmate.




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