Nearly Buried Alive

I heard an incredible story on the radio yesterday morning, something that seems straight from a made-for-tv movie. All I could think of after hearing the story is that this kind of thing probably happens more often than we realize.


A Mississippi coroner pronounced a man dead, tagged and bagged him, and carted him away to the morgue. A few hours later, however, the “dead” man awoke and was said to be kicking the bag to get out.

Wait. What?

He was dead, but now he’s not? Unless this guy turned zombie or he’s a member of the Nine Lives Club, this seems impossible. And eerie as hell, I might add.

But, no. It’s nothing as apocalyptic as a zombie or alien invasion. The man’s pacemaker malfunctioned, resulting in the coroner’s inability to detect vital signs, thus pronouncing him dead on the scene.

If I’ve ever had a bad day in my life (and I have, sure. Haven’t we all?), you can guarantee it’s not been as bad as waking up in a body bag in a morgue. Seriously, I thought this stuff only happens on TV.

I wonder what sort of health problems may  result from this man’s experience? A person can only go so long without vital signs before suffering some amount of brain damage, right? How will this stranger-than-fiction moment impact him? Will he see life differently now that he’s nearly been buried alive? What if he hadn’t woken up? How would the embalming crew have reacted to that?

I also wonder if the coroner could face a lawsuit, though I doubt it. He couldn’t have known the pacemaker was faulty. But what about the device’s manufacturer? Is it to blame? I definitely expect to hear more on this story later. It may be
interesting to see the after-effects of an episode like this. (I keep imagining the victim as a rich man who now decides to give away all of his money to those less fortunate, or something similar.)

Did you hear or read about this story? Share your insight.

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