Zodiac: True To You?

I am a creature of habit. Routine and stability are necessary elements of my sense of well-being. I’m stubborn and loyal. I’m wary of things that fall outside the cushion of protection I’ve carefully crafted for myself over the years.

I am Taurus.


There are facets of my sign that aren’t as eloquent as I’d like. Indeed, bull in a china shop definitely applies to the progression of my temper. I can go from peaceful cud-chewer to raging destruction in 0.6 seconds. That’s not to say that I’m constantly on the verge of being a homicidal maniac. Generally, I am very laid back (especially when in my comfort zone). The mad cow temperament comes forth slowly, like the gradual erosion of rock into sand. But once the polish has disintegrated… well, it could get ugly quickly and without warning. (Think Water Boy.)

I have read through numerous lists of Taurean traits and for the most part, they’re true. Some too true. I find it interesting how the date and time of our birth potentially affects our personality, even when a canyon-sized gap exists between one person’s upbringing and another’s. Nature vs. Nurture, I suppose.


How do you rate yourself against the most commonly reported personality traits of your zodiac sign? Are there facets of your personality that you try to deny, perhaps getting offended by the audacity of these lists to point them out?

What’s your sign?

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Live. Love. Write.


4 thoughts on “Zodiac: True To You?

  1. (-: Another Virgo, here. I think astrological “personalities” are a fascinating mix of somewhat contrary attributes, just like real people. And it’s fun to see how seeming “mistakes” can be explained away by saying something was rising in your second house or whatever. When I first heard of Enneagrams, I thought, “Wow, they are just like horoscopes!”

    I think the horoscope reader takes away what s/he wants to hear, and this can be helpful. Sometimes our conscious minds aren’t really paying attention, and it needs a niggle from a horoscope (or other “divinatory” device) to remind us what our subconscious is working for. I really, really wish I were a super-organized Virgo — and once in a great while, I am. For about two days. The astrological traits give me something positive to shoot for, anyway. (Looks like Virgos — and Taureans — think alike, LOL!)

    I think the traits are also somewhat archetypical, so can be a great way to give a character in a book a little more depth . . . .


    • Definitely! My best friend in the world is a Virgo, and far from organized. Ha! I’ve actually been looking into astrological traits as character developers. It can be a big help in keeping an unruly character in sync throughout a story.


  2. Generally, with what I’d consider to be more in depth – and well done – astrology sources, they seem surprisingly accurate. (I’m a virgo, btw 🙂 .) One of my favorite overview of personality triats for virgo’s is probably the section pertaining to my exact month and day in a book I got from someone a while back, “The Secret Language of Birthdays”. It looks at the specific day and incorporates and ties together a bunch of different things that are supposedly relevant to each other; sign (virgo), period (virgo III), element (mutable earth), season (summer), numbers and planets (7 & Neptune), tarot (The Tower), and so on. I liked it because of how comprehensive it was. The (seeming) accuracy just made it even more enjoyable to read over.

    I don’t put an awful lot of stock in much of it, but I tend to look at things like this (astrology, tarot, numerology, I Ching, etc.) as purposefully vague, tools that can be used in a practical way, even if you only like them in an aesthetic sence. Pull a certain tarot card for example, and the associations you come up with and tie to that card are personal, they come from th individuals mind at a specific time (the present). To me, even if they’ve got no metaphysical value, I like them; I think I’d say that, if nothing else, they’re roundabout ways to introspection and (potentially) self-guidance. Seems like anything to be taken from any of them, like a tarot card reading, comes from within the heart and mind of the individual(s) using the cards (or numbers, or signs, etc.).


    • That sounds like an interesting read, for sure. I agree that astrology and the like are purposely vague, sometimes too generic. But, like you mentioned, the well-done versions take many aspects into consideration and can be surprisingly accurate in relation to your personal life in the moment. I don’t put much stock in it, either, but I do find it fascinating.
      Thanks for the reply. 🙂


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