Sunday Lazy Day

Sunday may be one of my favorite days. Aside from the fact that it precedes the return to the grind, Sunday is usually a day to unwind, to set the mind free.


Yes, there’s laundry to do, and stories to edit, and old movies to watch on TV. I usually manage to do a little of all of these. Maybe I’ll read a little or fly kites in the field with the kids. Sunday is the day for all of this– from the comfort of PJs.

I am totally serious when I say that if it requires “real clothes” I probably won’t do it on Sunday. The PJs and I, we’re best friends. Going to the flea market is an occasional exception to this rule, as Sundays are my favorite days to rifle through other men’s treasures.

Once spring settles in, Sundays may morph into BBQ days or gardening days. (Honestly, I can’t wait for spring!) Summer will bring river days and many hours of sculpting sand art.
For now, however, Sundays are lazy, PJ-wearing days.

The laundry is finished, some longhand has found its way to the computer screen, snatches of TV has been watched, and a huge pot of stew is bubbling on the stove. All in all, a good day.

Ah, Sunday.

Do you have Sunday rituals? Do they change according to the season? What is your favorite Sunday activity?

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One thought on “Sunday Lazy Day

  1. Love Sundays, too. Everyone just seems so much more laid back. We don’t have much for rituals, besides relax and let the day flow as it will.


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