Literary Journal Subscriptions

If you’re a writer, chances are you’ve poured over at least one of the Writer’s Market publications. These collections of agents, literary journals, magazines, and publishers are an integral tool in the writer’s toolbox, compiling the all-important contact information in one place.


My favorite Writer’s Market publication is the version geared toward novels and short stories. A laundry list of literary journals and magazines gives short fiction writers like me plenty of options to weigh when thinking toward submission and publication. Of course, the list is a starting point. It’s best to follow up on the information listed by visiting the website.

Or subscribe to the magazines and/or journals that seem an agreeable place for your fiction. The listings all but beg writers to read their publications before sending a piece.

And why wouldn’t you want to? Reading a publication before submitting is an extension of research. If you’ve taken strides to ensure your character’s lingo is period appropriate and you’ve researched overused names in fantasy, why not take that last step of research? Many journals offer discounted (and sometimes free) sample copies. I’ve recently started taking advantage of the back issues and samples.

Are you a subscriber?

What I’d like to know, dear bloggerwriterfriends, do you subscribe to any journals? Have you submitted to those journals? How have the subscriptions strengthened and informed your submission process?

Share your story in the comments.
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Live. Love. Write.


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