Beauty Through Squinted Eyes

How do you view the sunset? How about the copse of flowering trees along the highway? The dancing wildflowers in the field? How much time do you spend really admiring beauty?

It’s a busy life. I get that. We all have obligations that string together, sucking up every moment of our lives. From work to family obligations, everything seems planned, mapped out, down to the second.

But what about the sunset? How often do we pencil in a moment to enjoy the soft palette of colors in the sky? Chances are, not often enough. We may catch a glimpse of something beautiful as we scurry in to the daily grind. We may even pause and breathe deep, but how long does the beauty linger?

Too often we see beauty through squinted eyes– Rushing by as we race toward other things. In rare instances, we catch the rays of the dying sun and really see them, really appreciate them. Maybe this appreciation opens our eyes for a moment. Maybe we’re able to find other sparks of beauty in that moment, and maybe it’s enough to power us through to our next task.

One thing is certain. Beauty is rarely appreciated through squinted eyes. Take a moment today to open your eyes. Slow down. Feel the sun on your face. Really feel it. Pull over and watch the sun fall behind the curtain of the horizon and know, without a doubt, that you’ve seen something magical. With the stress of everyday life mounting higher, we need these moments. We need beauty and the ability to appreciate it in its most raw and natural state.

Go. Open your eyes. See the beauty in today and every day.

Live. Love. Write.


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