One Negative Bunny

We all have that one friend, the negative bunny, who looks cute and fluffy. And then the negative bunny poops on the carpet.

The toughest part of having a negative bunny for a friend is that, for a while, you may feel obligated to provide the sunshine for the ever-present rain cloud. Negativity gets heavy after a while, though. The clouds of doubt and discontent build until even happy little sunbeams can’t pierce through.

When your stream of positivity has run dry, it’s time to say goodbye. Give the negative bunny a pat between the ears. Send it out into the world, into the reality that he’s tried to hard to avoid.

There’s only so much one can do for a negative bunny who refuses to help himself. Negative bunnies may blame every other bunny for his problems, always playing the victim of a cruel world. But, friends, we all have tough times. We may wallow for a time, but we get out and change the things that aren’t working for us. A negative bunny will have more excuses why he can’t than why he can. You cannot change a negative bunny’s perspective. Set him free.

A negative bunny may be distraught over this new freedom- the absence of security that you provided for a time. The little bunny may ask why or try to make you feel terrible about putting him out. Don’t give in. A negative bunny will only poop on the carpet again.

True story.

Live. Love. Write.


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