AUTHORS: When is it time to let beta readers/editors read your work?

Do you use Beta readers? How has the experience helped (or hindered) your editing process?

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

frustrated-girl-writing Some authors feel self-conscious sharing their work, because they fully understand how deeply their novel is part of them and reflects their inner self. Other authors might be perfectionists, and want to get everything just right, every period and comma in place, before letting another soul read.

For whatever cause, many of us who write find it difficult to take that next step and send a work-in-progress off to someone else for a once-over. Or a deep read. Or even something else.

Today’s post is timely for me, because I have been sitting on/developing my draft from NaNoWriMo 2012 since November of that year. I have taken long breaks, and am trying to figure out how to develop the story’s action into a series that will extend beyond the ending I’ve written. Because of that, I’m not quite ready to find beta readers…. even though I’ve spent so much time…

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