Book Addiction


Of all the things in the world to become addicted to, I’d have to say that books are the best choice.

Whether you only purchase books secondhand or buy them brand new, as a person addicted to books, the magnetism is undeniable. From flea market to mass market chains and online venues, books call to you, playing a melody only the lovers of words can hear.

I’ll readily admit my book addiction and I’ll also admit that it’s impossible for me to go into a store and pass by a shelf of books without at least stopping to admire the various colors, shapes, and textures. I have been known to inhale deeply the scent of the printed page. A book sniffer, I am. Is that weird? Maybe so, but there are worse things.

Love your books, my friends. Give them as gifts so that others may love them, too. Even if you have a friend or family member who adamantly proclaims to “hate reading” (I mean, really, what an abominable way to feel), give the gift of words to that person ten-fold. The person who hates reading is often the person who needs to read the most.

There’s no shame in loving books. Spread the love around. Lay it on thick and, as always, don’t forget to support your local family-owned bookstores.

(Image via Pinterest)

Live. Love. Write.


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