6 Writing Prompts

An endless supply of writing prompts can be found online. Sometimes they’re as simple as one sentence, a prompt toward beginning a story or poem with said sentence as the first line. Writer’s Digest magazine offers prompts in the back of each issue, often paired with a mini competition of sorts. I’m sure a plethora of other such prompt-based competitions exist as well. (Feel free to provide links to your favorites in the comments. I’d be interested in checking them out.)


I decided to scribble up a list of “first-liners” prompts to use at a later date. I’ll share them with you all. All I ask is that, should you decide to use one of the prompts, reblog this post with the snippet (or the entire result) of the idea that stemmed from the prompt.

1. She hated green, everything green…
2. The single hair jutting from her chin…
3. He lived in a cave, sure, but…
4. The purple bruise was shaped like Antarctica.
5. She pulled the coat from the closet. In the pocket, she found…
6. He opened the jar of peanut butter, but…

This could be fun! Are you already forming a story? Be sure to share the finished product with me.

Now, go write something weird.

(Image via Pinterest)

Live. Love. Write.


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