Changing Our Perspective


I think a lot about perspective and how two people, often in the same situation, deal with their circumstances in very different ways. I’m convinced this is due to our perspective– the way we perceive our individual situations. Our perspective fuels our choices which, in turn, decides the outcome.

Perspective and choice. It seems so simple, yet those who consistently choose to see situations as shadowed by a dark cloud often don’t realize that if they’d just let go of that horrendous attitude, things would turn out a lot better.

So, I say, if things aren’t going your way, perhaps it’s not some curse thrust upon you by the universe, but something you’ve called to you through negative energy. A smile doesn’t fix everything, but it certainly can’t hurt to try, just once, smiling in the face of adversity.

Stay positive, my friends, and marvel at the changes– not only in yourself, but in those around you. Find a redeeming quality in everything.

(Image via Pinterest)

Live. Love. Write.


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