Help Me Commit Murder

Before you get your panties in a wad, I’m talking about writing. Help me murder my character.

In one of many current projects, a character has decided to kill a past tormentor. As it stands, the scene is vague and lacking emotional quality. I need to beef it up, and I’m asking for your help.

The character’s chosen weapon is a knife (which is fitting considering that the torment she endured at the hands of her victim was of a sexual nature and most dream interpretation books claim that dreaming of killing with a knife is super sexual). So, a knife. Yes.

Now, per your own opinion, dear readers, how much blood would be appropriate? Wouldn’t it be against the scientific properties of a stab wound for the blood to “spurt”, or would this depend on where the stabbing occurs?

Which of your favorite authors has a knack for writing the act of murder? Do you have a favorite website to share that has all the murder specs a killer writer like me could use?

The work in question is a short story, so the scene needn’t be drawn out.

So, I make my plea again: Help me commit murder.


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10 thoughts on “Help Me Commit Murder

  1. Great subject and good information too! d:) (Thanks for the follow, Candice!)


  2. From the crime scenes that I have been on, there will be increased volume of blood if respiration is increased, such as a struggle or strenuous activity as a chase prior to the wounding(s). Then if a series of many smaller cuts eventually building up, or, if a vein or artery are severed. Wounds also collapse, and if a struggle, the odds are that they would remain open and bleeding.
    Generally, from my combat experience, and hand-to-hand experience (Nam), if, the character of your story were to plunge the blade and immediately rotate their fist ninety degrees, the wound cavity is expanded and cannot close on its own. That is why Civil War bayonets were seen as triangle or foil design.
    Where revenge is motive, the character could, after struggle or chase, slash at the victim who would instinctively defend and sustain wounds to the hands, wrists, and forearms, begin to feel a loss of feeling and utility of the hand and arm. Then ribcage wounds, which impede breathing. Then in anger, femoral artery wounds. As long as the victim is moving to either defend or assault, the heart pumps rapidly and causes blood loss. Once the heart is depleted of blood, adrenalin will keep the person alive for about two minutes before shock sets in.
    Good Luck with your novel.
    PS: I trust the kitchen knife has a blade less than seven inches. Combat knives, the real ones, must be agile, and honed to near razor precision. Fillet knives have dual purpose of insertion and giggling the wrist to cut and damage visceral organs.
    Best combat knives, are really found in, the kitchen.


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