Begin at the Beginning… Or Don’t

It seems an obvious choice to begin a new story at the beginning (or what feels like the beginning in that moment), but that’s not always the best place to start.


Imagine you’ve had a certain story rolling around twixt those ears for a while. Maybe you’ve made notes, created characters, or drawn a crude stick figure scene that looks more like a cave painting than anything that could ever be considered inspirational. Well, if that helps, great! But what if you haven’t actually started the story? Maybe you can’t decide where to start, you just know a few muddled details in the middle and a foggy ending.

Write those muddy details. Craft them into a scene (or two). Go ahead and write the ending. It’s your creation, after all. There’s no rule that says you must begin at the beginning (and, even if there were, some rules are made to be broken, right?).

In fact, having something concrete on paper may actually help the story progress. Even when we begin at the beginning, by the time edits roll around, the beginning morphs into an entirely new entity. Most of the time, anyway.

The important thing is to write what is niggling the hind end of your story bug. Get that pestering scene out of the mind and onto the paper. You’ll marvel over how quickly the story begins to take shape, regardless of the point with which you started.

Just write, you know? Let it flow.

Do you often begin writing with a scene that has no defined place? Share your process.

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4 thoughts on “Begin at the Beginning… Or Don’t

  1. Great post, i can relate to that. Loved this ‘Just write, you know? Let it flow’.


  2. I write out of order. It works for me.


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