Revisit an Old Favorite

I don’t usually reread books. If I love them, I delegate a special section of my bookcase to them to peruse later, lifting quotes or favorite passages from them to use as inspiration. But there are so many books to read that I rarely reread one.

However, in honor of the release of The Great Gatsby movie, I decided to read the novel again. As a general rule, I try to read a book before seeing the movie, and it’s been many moons since I initially read Gatsby that it almost feels like a new story.


In a way, it is a new story. The experience that I bring to the story now, versus the lack of experience back in high school when I first read it, makes a big difference.

The difference isn’t in the text. The difference, as I’ve said, is me. Now, this makes me think about perspective and how, even when we’ve had a manuscript rejected numerous times, that moment finally comes when someone reads it and gets it. The difference between a rejection and a hit may simply be attributed to the experience the reader (read: prospective publisher) brings to the manuscript.

So, although I’ve only just begun revisiting some old favorites, I’m happy to report that I’m able to not only bring new experience to the story, but I’m also able to come away with a new perspective.

Remember this, my friends, the next time you decide to read an old favorite again for the first time. It’s all about perspective– not only for the published, but also for the yet-to-be-published.

Image via Goodwill Librarian

Live. Love. Write.


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