Unfinished Business

I’m notorious for starting a WIP, writing furiously until the scene in my head has shrunken from the watermelon I can’t see past, to the grape that’s easily overlooked and then abandoning the project for months (years) at a time. It’s like popping a movie in, watching the opening credits and characters intros, and then pausing the movie–indefinitely.

I can’t be alone in this, can’t be the only one with a file full of unfinished business. And the thing is, sometimes the story lines of these unfinished works are just so brittle that they can’t continue and trying to force them forward as-is is much akin to pushing a dancing elephant through a silly straw.

How often do you visit your folder of unfinished fodder? I delve into mine quite often, especially when my imagination is on vacation. Maybe these broken bursts of inspiration can push me further, spark an idea that will help move another WIP forward, I think. And sometimes it works that an old idea pushes a newer idea out of the mud. Most often, however, nah. The movie stays paused.

What do you do with unfinished stories? Maybe we could piece them all together into a rag quilt. Maybe the story would be impossible to follow, but at least we’d stay warm this winter.

Live. Love. Write.


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