Five Creative Uses for Rejection Letters

Chances are, if you’re a writer who has stuffed an envelope with a hope-laden submission, you’ve received at least one rejection letter. It’s all part of the process. At least, that’s what “they” say. (“They” say a lot, don’t they? Who are these “they” and how do I become a part of their group?)

Finding humor in frustrating situations (like receiving two rejection letters in one day) is imperative for the survival of our sanity. Here’s a list of just a few creative things to do with those pesky rejections:

1. Wallpaper the Bathroom
Since rejections may be “full of it,” there’s no better place to store them, right?

2. Line the Litter Box
Okay, okay. So this is really an extension of number 1, but admit it. You’ve thought about it at least once.

3. Plant a Flower
Lining a flower pot with paper, mixed with soil, can actually be good for your plants. Plus, something new and beautiful will grow from the rejection.

4. Make a Rejection Box
Cover a shoe box with decorative paper and store the letters inside. Once you’ve received an acceptance letter and the “big head” syndrome kicks in, this box of letters will serve as a reminder that we all start at the bottom.

5. Make a Collage
Arrange the letters on a canvas in any fashion you choose. Glue them down. On the day that your first acceptance letter arrives, glue it in the center on top of the other letters. Your new collage will make a fantastic wall decoration in your fancy office.

The rejection letters are bound to come. Your attitude about them will make all the difference.

Live. Love. Write.


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