How Do You Measure Success?

There isn’t a person alive who can honestly say, “I don’t want to be successful.” Not wanting to be famous, sure, but avoiding success, no way.

But what steps are we taking toward success? In life and love? In writing and creativity? Are we inadvertently sabotaging our own success due to fear? What is success, anyway?

Success, though a universal ideal, really boils down to personal goals. How you measure success may vastly differ from the next man’s view of success. Maybe a heavily traveled website is a success marker, or publishing the novel that’s been in the works for a decade. Perhaps having a collection of artwork displayed in a gallery is the greatest possible success imaginable. Great! For some, however, getting out of bed without smacking the alarm clock around is a huge success.

Do you see what I mean about success being a personal thing? We can’t gauge our success based on the successes of others, because our goals are as different as our breakfast choices. Measuring our triumphs against those of others will inevitability lead to feelings of, well, failure.

Not one of us is a failure. It’s just that, sometimes, our success meter gets off kilter and we forget the goal we set in the first place.

So, how do you measure success? What will it take for you to be satisfied with your creative endeavors?

Make a list of your goals. Yes, include that dream of a six-figure advance, but also include small, easily attainable goals. It’s easier to measure success with goals that can be met quickly. Small victories are victories, nonetheless!

Make that list of goals and post them in a visible area. Don’t be afraid to adjust the goals as you go along.

The point is to celebrate success, no matter how small.

Live. Love. Write.


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