Character Photo Trend

Maybe this isn’t a new thing, but it’s something I’ve been seeing more of since I began following more indie authors: character reveals using photographs.

Models and Regular Joes alike are getting their fifteen minutes of fame by being the spokesmodel, so to speak, of an increasing number of indie authors.

As I said before, maybe this isn’t new. Maybe it also only applies to certain genres, but this method is spreading.

The more I think about it, the more benefits I’m able to see. Tacking up a photograph of a person could help keep the author focused on the characterization; traits, appearance, and apparel style could be more synchronized throughout the length of the story when using these photographs.

Now, I’ve posted recently about using photography as inspiration, but I was leaning more toward landscapes and photos with an artistic edge. However, using head shots seems to be a growing trend.

My question for those who have implemented this method: How has this been beneficial to you?

For those, like me, who’ve never considered it, would you try it?

Live. Love. Write.


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