Writing with Structure

Structure? That’s not something I think about while writing. All I want to do is get the story out of my brain and onto paper so I can try to make some sense out of it. There’s no structure. In reality, I’m lucky if there’s even enough plot to keep me reading. First drafts are allowed to be that way. But revisions, well, not so much.

I just don’t know what to make of it. I read blogs and articles on structure and how authors cut from here and paste to there… Maybe I don’t have an eye for that? Although I do cut bits regularly (that’s what editing is all about right?), I rarely treat my manuscript as a puzzle of which the pieces may fit better in other places.

So, while I ramble about structure, I’m making a mental note to pay more attention to the structure in novels that I’ve read and enjoyed in the past. If I think about how a storyline advances and how the story would be different if the current ending were actually the beginning… Well, I’ll admit it’s confusing.

The only structural elements I’ve ever really contemplated are the beginning, middle, and end. I suppose if I should ever master those well enough, I’ll concentrate on something else.

My question for you: How do you think about structure? Is it a concern at all? Or is it a natural element in your writing process?

Live. Love. Write.


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