Free Your Mind

I’m bothered by the notion that some people think that reading and writing books in certain genres makes the writer less of a writer.

Why? What’s it to you?

There are people who never read unless they read romance. Now, I don’t particularly care for romance novels, but that’s me. What I do like to see is a person reading. Romance, comic books, classic literature… it doesn’t matter to me. Just read. Just write.

Let’s try this: Worry less about the genre. Focus, instead, on the fact that the kid who used to despise reading has discovered comics. Focus on the beautiful description of the wine tasting soiree in the romance novel.

Free your mind. Once you allow yourself to read and write whatever you want, it comes more easily.

Find more reasons why you like something instead of more reasons why you dislike something. This is actually a great lesson for any moment in life. No matter what you write or read, be proud of it. Possibility stems from positivity.

Live. Love. Write.


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