Give Voice to Your Voice

I read something this morning that gave me pause. It was a quote photo about voice and how “finding” our voice, as writers, is impossible.

My spirits immediately deflated, but I kept reading. The reason, this photo told me, that finding voice is impossible is because our voice is inherent; already such a part of us that we may not realize it.

Well, I thought. How about that?

All this time that I’ve spent scribbling thoughts, I’ve wondered about my voice. Would I ever find it? What IS my voice?

But, apparently, I’ve had my voice all along. And guess what? You have your voice, too. And although it may seem silly to rely on a quote photo for confirmation of voice, it made a lot of sense to me.

The quote ended by comparing voice to a lost key. “You’ll find it only when you stop hunting for it.”

Maybe this isn’t a profound realization for you, but it was just what I needed to read this morning. So, my friends, stop hunting for your writing voice. Instead, let’s focus on honing it.

(Incidentally, I lost the quote as soon as I found it, so if you’ve seen the post I’m talking about, be a dear and share it with me again, won’t you?)

Live. Love. Write.


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