Using Photography to Kick Writer’s Block

I’m a visual person and finding an interesting photo often means a long while of staring at said photo, noticing the color contrast and emotions conveyed. I ask myself what story the photo tells and may run through scenarios involving the subject of the shot.

The idea of using photography as inspiration is not new, but we, as writers and artists, can approach it in a new way simply by finding beauty in an otherwise odd photo.

For instance, Thomas Subtil has a collection of unique pieces, including an elephant tiptoeing across a tightrope, that I find very interesting. It’s strange, unique, and inspiring in a way that gets the mind thinking on surreal ideas rather than concrete ideas.

So, when writer’s block strikes, don’t fret. Visit your local art museum or drag out that dusty box of old photos. Art is created to inspire, so use it to your advantage.

Live. Love. Write.


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